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John's "Chippewa Village" is full of rustic charm lying under a blanket of tall bamboo trees, among other beautiful foliage. The back of the property is amazing, overlooking the great morass nature preserve - you are sure to see some amazing birds, lizards, and even goats! Jill Smith

I loved staying here! It was the highlight of our trip to Jamaica. Awesome views of the island and cozy places where you could just chill and listen to music or read a book. Gina Pagano

?Want to keep Chippewa a secret, but can't avoid volumous praise?  Marlesby San Francisco, California

The resort that John has built is like nothing I have seen in Negril, the rustic Native American theme is seen in all of the detailed workmanship. The pool is cool and refreshing the rooms clean and comfortable. Jaybird77 Minnesota

Strongly recommend if you are looking for something out of commercial mainstream without sacrificing on location or nature? Roberto D London, UK